Weird, Wonderful, and Beautiful

Hand-crafted jewelry with a brilliant twist! We’re obsessed with the cosmos, so we’ve captured the beauty of space and crafted a piece of star-stuff, just for you!

These one-of-a-kind pieces really dazzle. Make your statement with our beautiful, comfortable, and durable LED jewelry.


The Odd Ones

We spend our days pouring, polishing, and soldering so we can bring you new, wonderful pieces! Coming soon: check out the workshops, and learn what goes into making our jewelry truly shine!

Our Products

Eridanus: The River

Gorgeous day or night, this UV-illuminated pendant has an extra pop! With a hand-painted glow-in-the-dark accent, this piece stuns with the LED on or off!

Lepus: The Hare

Our red LEDs bring a little fire! Reflecting brilliantly off crystal-like facets, Lepus offers a brilliance and depth that defies it's size. It's one of our smaller pendants, but it shines just as bright as all the others!

Cepheus: The King

Custom molded from Keokuk geodes, Cepheus is truly the king of our pieces! A bright, UV LED illuminates the piece, making it shine inside and out.

The Entire Package

Each piece comes packaged perfect for gifting! The aluminum tin holds the charger, jewelry, and instructions for use, making sure your purchase arrives undamaged and in style!

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