Before you enjoy your new jewelry, there’s a few things you should know about. These things will help keep it working longer.

It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery, and there are a few rules for keeping the battery healthy. 

  • Only use the provided charger. It has magic* inside that will keep it from damaging the battery.
  • If you’re not going to wear the necklace for more than  a day or two: 
    • Leave clasp disconnected
    • Make sure the battery is at least partially charged: if you connect the clasp, the LED should be fully or mostly lit. 
  • Don’t store the necklace where it gets above 60°C or below -20°C
  • Don’t leave the battery on the charger for an extended period of time. (Overnight is fine, a couple days probably isn’t a great idea.)

Your necklace should stay bright for between 4 and 6 hours per charge. A full charge should take about an hour and a half.

To turn the LED off while wearing the necklace, gently slide the two pieces of the clasp slightly apart. There is a small amount of play on the connector, allowing it to be ‘clasped,’ but disconnected. 

The pendant is made of epoxy resin. Resin is tough, but it can be damaged. Protect it from scratches and impact to keep it looking new.

The necklace itself is made from silicone-coated copper wire. Silicone is typically hypoallergenic, but if you’ve had a reaction to it before, you shouldn’t wear this necklace touching your skin. 

Don’t put excessive force on the necklace, as it can damage the clasp and wires.

Thanks, and enjoy your purchase!